One of my first solo cooking Paleo attempt

One of my first solo Paleo cooking attempts.. Mahi filets with tomato paste and coconut milk with steamed veggies.. I liked it..




Walk to geocache site w/ M & $


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Quasi Paleo Workout.

Cute little one.. Realized I’m hoping to lose about one of these (equal weight)..


A few short term goals…

1.) Get back into the 220’s (but not stop there)
2.) Be able to wear the suits that I bought when I graduated college
3.) Go shirtless (and not be totally embarrassed) this spring
4.) Sub 8:00 mile run
5.) See a “real” smile in a photograph
6.) Pull-ups

Those are just a few that come to mind now. By no means will those be the ultimate goal or the end of the road. Just a few short-term goals that I hopefully can check off as “done” within the next few months 🙂

I’m here now….

I’m here now.. It’s the time between Christmas and New Years when optimism is high and resolutions are being made. I am no different. I want next year to be a game changer. One that I can look back on and see that I laid the foundation and took the necessary steps for a healthier and happier life. As 01/01/2012 rolls around, I don’t feel that I am much better or worse than on 01/01/2011. Hopefully, there won’t be any doubt 12 months from now. I am ready to make a change… Watch me get smaller and smile bigger..

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