Another “discussion”

Well, my wife is not a fan of my newfound paleo path. I understand the shoes; I do (however they are really comfortable). Now, I am being accused of being “irrational” for giving up wheat and thinking there’s something to the idea of trying to eat similar to the diet that humans survived on for the majority of existence. Tonight was the third or fourth “discussion” about my attempt. I am not trying to get her to buy in or join me at this point. I know it would be easier if she would but am hoping to lead by an example and that results will speak for its self. One of the her final comments was “you’ll be on to some other kick in six months.” I honestly don’t think that will be the case but if all the benefits aren’t enough, she just added fuel to the fire. I am going to do this!


One thought on “Another “discussion”

  1. She just apologized…

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