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Success Story in the Making!!!

Another motivating event occured. I submitted my before/ begining of the Paleo Path 2012 to Mark’s Daily Apple SUCESS STORIES in the making. I think in the past, I’d be embarrased to go public with a goal and more improtantly a picture but this was perfect timing. That’s exactly what it is- A SUCCESS STORY in the making. I can’t wait for the after picture and promise to be one that doesn’t fall off the resolution band wagon. Watch this space. More to come.


Making progress


Within striking distance of #1 short term goal 🙂

Last night was a cheat

Last night was Joy’s birthday dinner so it was a cheat meal (aka carb fest). I paid for it today. Really paid for it. There is really something to this.

First Comment

I received the first comment today. Tom & Michelle stated “you’ve lost weight.” I replied “I’m trying.” 🙂

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Tight suit jacket-for now


I’m coming for ya..

End of week weigh in


Finished the week. I ate clean most of the time and very limited carbs. Feeling good. Will add more exercise next week.

Another “discussion”

Well, my wife is not a fan of my newfound paleo path. I understand the shoes; I do (however they are really comfortable). Now, I am being accused of being “irrational” for giving up wheat and thinking there’s something to the idea of trying to eat similar to the diet that humans survived on for the majority of existence. Tonight was the third or fourth “discussion” about my attempt. I am not trying to get her to buy in or join me at this point. I know it would be easier if she would but am hoping to lead by an example and that results will speak for its self. One of the her final comments was “you’ll be on to some other kick in six months.” I honestly don’t think that will be the case but if all the benefits aren’t enough, she just added fuel to the fire. I am going to do this!

One of my first solo cooking Paleo attempt

One of my first solo Paleo cooking attempts.. Mahi filets with tomato paste and coconut milk with steamed veggies.. I liked it..